Wednesday, January 10, 2007

My brother John / Mon Frère John

This is my brother John.. He is the most bful n kind n sweet n lovely brother some1 could have in this world! And i have. What else could i expect from life?? God gave the best brother 2 me in a very special moment of my life.

Thanx, Lord, for John!


God bless my brother John n also bless Julie n Junias n our maman n all bross n siss we have too.

I love u! ich liebe dich! yo ti voglio bene! te amo! wo ai ni! mo ni fe! te ubesk! kocham ciebie! inaru taka! ayor anosh'ni! Tave myliu! nakupenda! aishiteru! mi amas vin! obicham te! m'bi fe! bahebak! m'tchouan! Je t'aime, mon ange, mon frère!

Eu amo muito muito muito você, meu adorado irmão!


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Belo mano heim!

Os manos d agente, em alguns casos podem nos dar muita força!!! Eu sei bem isso!