Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Kiss-illusion (review)

I kiss your mouth every day in a cold picture of you as a lie, a lie-kiss that I want to kiss to feel lonely more and more. Cause you're just a dream.

I kiss your mouth every night in my dreams, in my sweetest dreams, as a truth, a truth-kiss I want to kiss to stay alive day after day. Cause you're my own wish of life.

I kiss your mouth every moment in my thoughts, in my foolish thoughts as a foolish-kiss I want to kiss to make believe i will survive this missing, this empty mouth, this hungry...

Maybe someday I will look behind and notice that you were here all the time, in a fantasy, in my deepest despair, in a kind of love I never knew. Inside of me... all the time.

Maybe i will find what love is, after all.  That moment I’ll way see how stupid I’ve been, how weak, how silly I’ve been for having no courage to tell you that you are my sweetest dream, my best thought, my most real fantasy, my whole life. Life that I spent for fear – stupid fear! Iwas afraid of opening my heart and afraid of the answers that I could hear from you.

Maybe I will find that I wasn't living but waiting for life all the time. Waiting for you to come from my desires, to make my existence finally come true.

Will it be late? Yes, maybe. Maybe it's already late for me to close my eyes and dream about this precious kiss of you. About this precious heart of you. About you...

I wanna kiss the mouth of an angel!

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